Drumming Incursions: Unleash Your Rhythm with Little Fox Drumming

Little Fox is a skilled musician and educator who has more than 25 years’ experience working with young children.

Blending the unique combination of Native American Hoop Drums and artefacts with African Djembes, Little Fox delivers an exciting and entertaining experience featuring dancing, drumming, stories, learning, singing and lots of fun!

Little Fox inspires a sense of freedom; merging cultural awareness and diversity with music and dance……. building imagination and supporting self-belief in young children.

Little Girl playing drum incursions
Children playing drumming incursions

Why choose Little Fox Drumming

Why choose Little Fox Drumming?

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to develop your children’s drumming skills and passion for music in Melbourne? Look no further than our Early Childhood drumming incursion program!


When it comes to nurturing a love for music and unlocking the hidden talents within your children, Little Fox early childhood drumming incursions stand out as a premier choice. With a holistic approach to drumming, our sessions offer a unique learning environment that focuses on drumming for fun and providing a positive learning experience. Whether we visit your Centre regularly or just once, our music education program is designed to help your children grow and experience rhythm, sharing, participation and listening, all the while strengthening their connections to each other through the music. Discover why Little Fox Drumming is the perfect choice for your children’s rhythmic journey.

Positive Learning Experience

At Little Fox Drumming, we believe in creating a positive learning experience that fosters growth, confidence, and teamwork. Our nurturing environment ensures each child feels encouraged to participate and express themselves. Through supportive interactions and recognition of their unique abilities, we empower children to shine on the drumming stage.

Skill Development

Our African and Native American drumming incursions are designed to provide an experience of drumming and exploring musical skills. Little Fox weaves a solid foundation in drumming and guides the children through the rhythmic world of music and dance that is perfect for a one-off incursion. For regular, on-going sessions, Little Fox provides personalised instruction to each child to ensure they receive the attention and guidance they need to enhance their abilities and progress.

Little Fox is great because he lets us play all of his drums, the big and little ones!” Andre, aged 4

Your children and educators are taken on a captivating and engaging musical and cultural journey spanning three continents, featuring dancing, singing and playing drums.

Passion for Music

We are fuelled by a genuine passion for music and the transformative power it holds. Little Fox instils this passion in every session, inspiring children to connect with the rhythm, melody, and soul of music. Through engaging activities, songs, and cultural influences, we ignite a lifelong love for music in each child’s heart.

Captivating Musical and Cultural Journey

Little Fox Early Childhood Drumming Incursions takes children on a captivating musical and cultural journey, spanning continents and traditions. From the Native American Hoop Drums to the African Djembes, we introduce diverse rhythms and instruments, expanding their musical horizons. With original songs about Australian animals, we celebrate the rich tapestry of global percussion traditions.

Little Fox mixes the unique combination of Native American Hoop Drums and African Djembes with songs about Australian animals.

The scene is now set for fun, laughter and learning!

Tales, treasures, and tunes from times long gone are interwoven with music and culture, capturing the attention and imagination of children and keeping them enthralled.

Fun and Engaging Lessons

Learning should be fun! Little Fox Drumming combines educational content with laughter, joy, and interactive experiences. Our sessions are filled with excitement, allowing children to explore their musical creativity in a dynamic and engaging manner. Tales, treasures, and tunes come alive, captivating young imaginations and making each lesson an unforgettable adventure.

Little Girl playing drum incursions
Children playing drumming incursions

Choose Little Fox Drumming as the gateway to your child’s rhythmic journey. With our commitment to a positive learning experience, skill development, and a passion for music, we unlock the rhythm within each child. Watch as their confidence soars, their skills blossom, and their love for music flourishes. 

Join us and let Little Fox Drumming become the foundation for your child’s musical exploration and self-expression. Book your session today and discover the benefits of drumming with us! 

Vector Art of Six African Tribal Drumming

Child Care Centres and Kindergartens

Drumming Program for Child Care Centres & Kindergartens

Frederick playing drumming incursions



Little Fox offers a dynamic and engaging drumming program designed specifically for early childhood settings.

In this blog post, we will explore the enriching benefits of drumming, dancing, storytelling, and drumming artefacts in the learning experiences of 3–5-year-olds. Discover how these interactive activities foster curiosity, confidence, and important social skills while providing a holistic approach to early childhood drumming incursion development.

  1. Cultivating Curiosity and Connection: Little Fox’s drumming program for child care centres provides an experiential opportunity for your child to explore the natural world and develop a sense of curiosity through drumming, dancing, and engaging stories. The rhythmic beat of the drums create a captivating experience that sparks children’s imagination and stimulates their innate desire to learn.

  2. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: Playing a simple rhythm with Little Fox in a supportive environment helps to build confidence and self-esteem. As the children discover the ability to create music and contribute to activities, they gain a sense of accomplishment. The positive reinforcement provided during the drumming sessions fosters a belief in the child’s own capabilities and encourages the child to explore their potential.

  3. Calming and Grounding with the Hoop Drum: The Hoop Drum, combined with singing, introduces a calming segment to the drumming session. This gentle and soothing activity allows children to experience a grounded and centred inner approach. The rhythmic vibrations of the Hoop Drum, accompanied by melodic singing, create a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation. This segment provides a valuable opportunity for children to develop mindfulness and self-regulation skills.

  4. Dance, Excitement, and Laughter with the Djembe: The Djembe drum brings a lively and energetic element to the African drumming incursion session. It encourages the children to express themselves through movement and dance. The vibrant beats of the Djembe drum create a joyful atmosphere that invites laughter and spontaneity. This session allows the children to channel their energy, enhance their coordination, and experience the sheer joy of rhythm and movement.

  5. Fostering Respect, Listening Skills, and Sharing: The Talking Stick, an integral part of the drumming program for child care centres, teaches the children the value of respect, listening skills, and the importance of sharing in this one-on-one session. The Talking Stick provides an opportunity for each child to speak and be heard. Through this activity, they learn to listen attentively and respect other thoughts and perspectives. This promotes a sense of inclusivity, empathy, and effective communication within the session.

Little Fox’s drumming program for child care centres and kindergartens offers a unique and holistic approach to early childhood development. From cultivating children’s curiosity and building confidence to providing calming experiences rooted in indigenous traditions and fostering respect and communication in a multicultural context, this session combines music, movement, and social development. Embrace the power of a drumming program for children aged 3-5 in Melbourne child care centres and provide them with an enriching and memorable learning journey.

Frederick playing drumming incursions

The benefits of a session with Little Fox:

The Benefits of a Drumming Session with Little Fox

Drumming is not only a universal language but also a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth. Little Fox Drumming provides engaging and age-appropriate drumming sessions that are not only entertaining but also align with a pedagogical and supportive early learning framework.

Kids Stage Play Early Childhood Drumming Incursion

In this blog post, we will delve into the remarkable benefits of participating in a drumming session with Little Fox. Experience the power of early childhood drumming incursion as it facilitates emotional release, promotes healing, sparks creativity, and builds meaningful connections. Discover how Little Fox’s drumming sessions can enhance your overall well-being while providing a valuable educational experience within a supportive framework.

  1. Emotional Release and Healing: Drumming has been used for centuries as a therapeutic practise to release pent-up emotions and alleviate stress. Little Fox’s drumming sessions provide a safe space for children to express themselves freely through the rhythmic beats. As you immerse yourself in the primal sound of the drums, you can experience a profound sense of emotional release and find solace in the healing power of music.

  2. Personal Growth and Self-Expression: Drumming sessions with Little Fox offer a unique opportunity for personal awareness. Through the act of drumming, you can tap into your inner rhythm and discover a newfound sense of self-expression. Little Fox’s welcoming and encouraging environment enables children to explore their creativity and develop their skills, thereby helping them realise their full potential.

  3. Connection: Drumming has an incredible ability to bring all people, including children, together, transcending cultural boundaries. Little Fox’s drumming sessions not only foster a sense of connection and unity but also promote cultural awareness.

  4. Boosting Confidence and Creativity: Engaging in drumming sessions with Little Fox can significantly boost your children’s confidence. As they experience Little Fox’s rhythms and then play the drums alongside him, their self-assurance grows, and you can see a personal sense of accomplishment.

  5. Music Therapy and Wellness: Drumming is a form of music therapy that promotes overall wellness. The rhythmic nature of Little Fox’s early childhood drumming incursion synchronises brain waves and induces a state of relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety. Little Fox’s sessions provide a rejuvenating escape from the ordinary, which is beneficial for all children in many ways.

Participating in a drumming session with Little Fox goes beyond mere entertainment—it can be a transformative experience for children. From emotional release and personal growth to fostering connections and enhancing wellness, drumming offers a multitude of benefits. Let your children discover the joy of self-expression, boost their confidence, and immerse themselves in captivating rhythms.

Little Fox’s drumming sessions take preschoolers on a musical journey that will leave a lasting impression filled with fun, laughter, and a sense of belonging.

What to expect in a session with Little Fox:

What to expect in a Drumming session with us?

African American drum artifacts

Drumming sessions with Little Fox are a vibrant and immersive experience that captures your child’s hearts and minds. Through the powerful combination of sound, movement, and cultural artefacts, Little Fox creates an engaging environment where your child can explore their creativity, build confidence, and embrace a sense of inclusion. 

In this blog post, we will walk you through what to expect in a drumming session with us and the enriching elements that make it an unforgettable experience.

  • African Drums: Little Fox incorporates African drums, such as the Djembe, creating a captivating rhythm and beat. These genuine instruments serve as a gateway, transporting children to the core of African culture and immersing them in the dynamic realm of drumming and music.

The Djembe drum, with its resonating tones, becomes the driving force behind an immersive experience. Its earthy sound envelops the atmosphere, inviting children to embark on a journey that embraces the essence of African traditions. As they tap into the pulsating rhythms, they are transported to a vibrant world where drumming becomes a language of expression.

Beyond the joyous melodies, these drums hold cultural significance, fostering an appreciation for African culture. Little Fox aims for children to grasp the historical and cultural context of these instruments, cultivating a sense of respect and curiosity. By engaging with the Djembe and other African American drums, children learn to appreciate the diversity of traditions and the power of rhythm as a universal connector.

  • Sound and Movement: These are at the core of Little Fox’s drumming sessions. Your child is encouraged and supported to listen, dance, improvise, and explore various movements that match the rhythms of the African Djembe. The sessions dynamically shift from fast-paced beats to slow and melodic tunes, creating an exhilarating and immersive drumming experience.


  • Native American Hoop Drums and Love Flutes: In quieter segments of the session, Native American Hoop Drums and Love Flutes take centre stage. These instruments lead your child into a more introspective and serene atmosphere. Little Fox intertwines stories about animals and instils the important values of respecting our planet, each other, and ourselves, creating a holistic and meaningful learning experience.


  • Engaging Songs: Little Fox engages children with songs about animals that invite them to dance, sing, and fully participate. These lively tunes not only create a joyful atmosphere but also empower children to express themselves and discover their unique voices through music. It’s an opportunity for them to engage fully, enjoying the fun and excitement of the songs while fostering their self-expression and musical exploration.


  • Experiencing Native American and African Cultures: Through the incorporation of music, artefacts, instruments, and stories, Little Fox immerses your child in the rich traditions of African and Native American cultures. This first-hand experience leaves a lasting impact, touching the hearts of educators and providing ongoing teaching opportunities long after the drumming session concludes. Stories, music, and movement become avenues for continued exploration and appreciation of cultural diversity.

A drumming session with Little Fox is an extraordinary experience that ignites a child’s imagination, creativity, and self-expression. Through the use of African drums that engage sound and movement, Native American instruments and artefacts featuring empowering songs, Little Fox creates a space where your children can learn, grow, and connect with different cultures. Little Fox Drumming incursions, featuring African and Native American drums not only provide immediate joy and excitement but also leave a lasting impact on a child’s confidence and self-belief. Embrace the thrills of a drumming session with Little Fox and watch as the children’s enthusiasm and love for music soar to new heights.

Join Little Fox, where children develop resourcefulness, curiosity, and imagination and build effective communication, a strong sense of wellbeing, and cultural knowledge and skills. With our support, your children can experience a transformative journey of growth and love for learning through drums, music and culture at Little Fox Drumming.

Frederick playing drumming incursions

What People Say

Little Fox Drumming Reviews and Enthusiastic Testimonials

Frederick playing drumming incursions


Welcome to the testimonials page for Little Fox Drumming, where the words of our valued students, parents, and childcare centres speak volumes about the transformative power of our drumming sessions. At Little Fox Drumming, we take great pride in providing a nurturing and enriching musical experience for children aged 3–5 years old. This page serves as a testament to the positive impact we have had on our clients.

As you scroll through the heartfelt drumming session reviews shared by those who have experienced our program firsthand, you’ll gain insight into the numerous benefits and remarkable experiences that Little Fox Drumming in Melbourne offers. From building confidence and musical skill development to fostering a love for music and creating lasting memories, our drumming sessions have touched the lives of many. Here are some of the testimonials we get from our clients:

Childcare centres and children have expressed their appreciation for the positive learning environment we provide at Little Fox Early Childhood Drumming Incursions in Melbourne. When instructing in a session, Little Fox creates a supportive atmosphere where children feel encouraged to explore their musical abilities. Educators have witnessed how the children’s confidence soars as they take centre stage, showcasing their drumming skills and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

This also highlights the impact our program has had on skill development. Childcare centre educators have noted the remarkable progress children have made in drumming techniques and rhythms when Little Fox Drumming provides regular sessions. Little Fox offers personalised guidance, allowing each child to receive individualised attention and instruction on their musical journey, thereby helping young children develop a solid foundation in rhythm that can support right and left brain coherence, as well as many other benefits.

Little Fox Drumming also fosters a deep passion for music. Parents have shared how their children’s love for music has blossomed through our engaging and stimulating sessions. By incorporating cultural influences from around the world, such as Native American and African rhythms, we expose the children to the rich tapestry of global percussion traditions. This exposure cultivates a sense of cultural diversity and understanding and can ignite a lifelong appreciation for music.

These drumming incursion reviews also capture the joy and excitement that children experience during their drumming sessions. Educators from the childcare centres have highlighted how Little Fox Drumming creates a fun and engaging learning environment with our child care incursion sessions. Laughter fills the air as children explore their musical creativity, participate in interactive activities, and discover the magic of rhythm. Little Fox Drumming strives to make every session a memorable adventure where children not only learn but also thoroughly enjoy their musical journey.

As you delve into the reviews shared on this testimonials page, you’ll witness the profound impact Little Fox Drumming has had on the children who have attended. Their words of praise, gratitude, and excitement serve as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our program. We are proud to have touched the lives of so many young children and budding musicians and are grateful to have played a part in nurturing their love for music.

As you explore our testimonials page you will discover firsthand why Little Fox Drumming is an excellent choice for centres seeking a nurturing, enriching, and transformative musical experience for their preschool aged children.

We value your feedback! If you have experienced the Little Fox Drumming Incursion in Melbourne, we would love to hear from you. Your testimonial can inspire and guide others seeking a rewarding musical journey for their children. Please visit our review page here to share your thoughts.

Join us today in nurturing the rhythm within every child and fostering a lifelong love for music. Thank you for being a part of the Little Fox Drumming family!


What do we offer here at Little Fox?

What does Little Fox Drumming offer?

Drum Artifacts

Little Fox Drumming is perfect for:

  • Incursions for 3 – 5 year old children
  • Can be bundled with shorter sessions tailored to 0 – 2 year old children
  • Experiencing cultural awareness and diversity through music
  • Child Care Centres and Kindergartens
  • Family friendly events
  • Christmas parties and end of year celebrations
  • Open and Multicultural days and other special occasions

Little Fox Drumming supports your children in:

  • Developing listening/call and response skills
  • An experience of sharing and teamwork
  • Stimulating left and right brain activity for healthy cognitive function
  • Remaining engaged and present in the moment
  • An appreciation and awareness of cultural diversity
  • Age-appropriate story telling spanning three continents
  • Communicating through music and dance
  • Enhancing imagination, creativity and thinking
  • An experience in spacial awareness
  • Experiencing light and shade including quiet and contemplative moments
  • Taking centre stage and being part of the audience
  • Developing gross motor skills and an ability to concentrate and process instructions
  • Learning about and enhancing social, physical and emotional skills
  • Having loads of fun!

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