Why choose Little Fox Drumming?

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to develop your children’s drumming skills and passion for music in Melbourne? Look no further than our Early Childhood drumming incursion program!


When it comes to nurturing a love for music and unlocking the hidden talents within your children, Little Fox early childhood drumming incursions stand out as a premier choice. With a holistic approach to drumming, our sessions offer a unique learning environment that focuses on drumming for fun and providing a positive learning experience. Whether we visit your Centre regularly or just once, our music education program is designed to help your children grow and experience rhythm, sharing, participation and listening, all the while strengthening their connections to each other through the music. Discover why Little Fox Drumming is the perfect choice for your children’s rhythmic journey.

Positive Learning Experience

At Little Fox Drumming, we believe in creating a positive learning experience that fosters growth, confidence, and teamwork. Our nurturing environment ensures each child feels encouraged to participate and express themselves. Through supportive interactions and recognition of their unique abilities, we empower children to shine on the drumming stage.

Skill Development

Our African and Native American drumming incursions are designed to provide an experience of drumming and exploring musical skills. Little Fox weaves a solid foundation in drumming and guides the children through the rhythmic world of music and dance that is perfect for a one-off incursion. For regular, on-going sessions, Little Fox provides personalised instruction to each child to ensure they receive the attention and guidance they need to enhance their abilities and progress.

Little Fox is great because he lets us play all of his drums, the big and little ones!” Andre, aged 4

Your children and educators are taken on a captivating and engaging musical and cultural journey spanning three continents, featuring dancing, singing and playing drums.

Passion for Music

We are fuelled by a genuine passion for music and the transformative power it holds. Little Fox instils this passion in every session, inspiring children to connect with the rhythm, melody, and soul of music. Through engaging activities, songs, and cultural influences, we ignite a lifelong love for music in each child’s heart.

Captivating Musical and Cultural Journey

Little Fox Early Childhood Drumming Incursions takes children on a captivating musical and cultural journey, spanning continents and traditions. From the Native American Hoop Drums to the African Djembes, we introduce diverse rhythms and instruments, expanding their musical horizons. With original songs about Australian animals, we celebrate the rich tapestry of global percussion traditions.

Little Fox mixes the unique combination of Native American Hoop Drums and African Djembes with songs about Australian animals.

The scene is now set for fun, laughter and learning!

Tales, treasures, and tunes from times long gone are interwoven with music and culture, capturing the attention and imagination of children and keeping them enthralled.

Fun and Engaging Lessons

Learning should be fun! Little Fox Drumming combines educational content with laughter, joy, and interactive experiences. Our sessions are filled with excitement, allowing children to explore their musical creativity in a dynamic and engaging manner. Tales, treasures, and tunes come alive, captivating young imaginations and making each lesson an unforgettable adventure.

Little Girl playing drum incursions
Children playing drumming incursions

Choose Little Fox Drumming as the gateway to your child’s rhythmic journey. With our commitment to a positive learning experience, skill development, and a passion for music, we unlock the rhythm within each child. Watch as their confidence soars, their skills blossom, and their love for music flourishes. 

Join us and let Little Fox Drumming become the foundation for your child’s musical exploration and self-expression. Book your session today and discover the benefits of drumming with us! 

Vector Art of Six African Tribal Drumming