What does Little Fox Drumming offer?

Drum Artifacts

Little Fox Drumming is perfect for:

  • Incursions for 3 – 5 year old children
  • Can be bundled with shorter sessions tailored to 0 – 2 year old children
  • Experiencing cultural awareness and diversity through music
  • Child Care Centres and Kindergartens
  • Family friendly events
  • Christmas parties and end of year celebrations
  • Open and Multicultural days and other special occasions

Little Fox Drumming supports your children in:

  • Developing listening/call and response skills
  • An experience of sharing and teamwork
  • Stimulating left and right brain activity for healthy cognitive function
  • Remaining engaged and present in the moment
  • An appreciation and awareness of cultural diversity
  • Age-appropriate story telling spanning three continents
  • Communicating through music and dance
  • Enhancing imagination, creativity and thinking
  • An experience in spacial awareness
  • Experiencing light and shade including quiet and contemplative moments
  • Taking centre stage and being part of the audience
  • Developing gross motor skills and an ability to concentrate and process instructions
  • Learning about and enhancing social, physical and emotional skills
  • Having loads of fun!

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