Drumming Program for Child Care Centres & Kindergartens

Frederick playing drumming incursions



Little Fox offers a dynamic and engaging drumming program designed specifically for early childhood settings.

In this blog post, we will explore the enriching benefits of drumming, dancing, storytelling, and drumming artefacts in the learning experiences of 3–5-year-olds. Discover how these interactive activities foster curiosity, confidence, and important social skills while providing a holistic approach to early childhood drumming incursion development.

  1. Cultivating Curiosity and Connection: Little Fox’s drumming program for child care centres provides an experiential opportunity for your child to explore the natural world and develop a sense of curiosity through drumming, dancing, and engaging stories. The rhythmic beat of the drums create a captivating experience that sparks children’s imagination and stimulates their innate desire to learn.

  2. Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: Playing a simple rhythm with Little Fox in a supportive environment helps to build confidence and self-esteem. As the children discover the ability to create music and contribute to activities, they gain a sense of accomplishment. The positive reinforcement provided during the drumming sessions fosters a belief in the child’s own capabilities and encourages the child to explore their potential.

  3. Calming and Grounding with the Hoop Drum: The Hoop Drum, combined with singing, introduces a calming segment to the drumming session. This gentle and soothing activity allows children to experience a grounded and centred inner approach. The rhythmic vibrations of the Hoop Drum, accompanied by melodic singing, create a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation. This segment provides a valuable opportunity for children to develop mindfulness and self-regulation skills.

  4. Dance, Excitement, and Laughter with the Djembe: The Djembe drum brings a lively and energetic element to the African drumming incursion session. It encourages the children to express themselves through movement and dance. The vibrant beats of the Djembe drum create a joyful atmosphere that invites laughter and spontaneity. This session allows the children to channel their energy, enhance their coordination, and experience the sheer joy of rhythm and movement.

  5. Fostering Respect, Listening Skills, and Sharing: The Talking Stick, an integral part of the drumming program for child care centres, teaches the children the value of respect, listening skills, and the importance of sharing in this one-on-one session. The Talking Stick provides an opportunity for each child to speak and be heard. Through this activity, they learn to listen attentively and respect other thoughts and perspectives. This promotes a sense of inclusivity, empathy, and effective communication within the session.

Little Fox’s drumming program for child care centres and kindergartens offers a unique and holistic approach to early childhood development. From cultivating children’s curiosity and building confidence to providing calming experiences rooted in indigenous traditions and fostering respect and communication in a multicultural context, this session combines music, movement, and social development. Embrace the power of a drumming program for children aged 3-5 in Melbourne child care centres and provide them with an enriching and memorable learning journey.

Frederick playing drumming incursions