What to expect in a Drumming session with us?

African American drum artifacts

Drumming sessions with Little Fox are a vibrant and immersive experience that captures your child’s hearts and minds. Through the powerful combination of sound, movement, and cultural artefacts, Little Fox creates an engaging environment where your child can explore their creativity, build confidence, and embrace a sense of inclusion. 

In this blog post, we will walk you through what to expect in a drumming session with us and the enriching elements that make it an unforgettable experience.

  • African Drums: Little Fox incorporates African drums, such as the Djembe, creating a captivating rhythm and beat. These genuine instruments serve as a gateway, transporting children to the core of African culture and immersing them in the dynamic realm of drumming and music.

The Djembe drum, with its resonating tones, becomes the driving force behind an immersive experience. Its earthy sound envelops the atmosphere, inviting children to embark on a journey that embraces the essence of African traditions. As they tap into the pulsating rhythms, they are transported to a vibrant world where drumming becomes a language of expression.

Beyond the joyous melodies, these drums hold cultural significance, fostering an appreciation for African culture. Little Fox aims for children to grasp the historical and cultural context of these instruments, cultivating a sense of respect and curiosity. By engaging with the Djembe and other African American drums, children learn to appreciate the diversity of traditions and the power of rhythm as a universal connector.

  • Sound and Movement: These are at the core of Little Fox’s drumming sessions. Your child is encouraged and supported to listen, dance, improvise, and explore various movements that match the rhythms of the African Djembe. The sessions dynamically shift from fast-paced beats to slow and melodic tunes, creating an exhilarating and immersive drumming experience.


  • Native American Hoop Drums and Love Flutes: In quieter segments of the session, Native American Hoop Drums and Love Flutes take centre stage. These instruments lead your child into a more introspective and serene atmosphere. Little Fox intertwines stories about animals and instils the important values of respecting our planet, each other, and ourselves, creating a holistic and meaningful learning experience.


  • Engaging Songs: Little Fox engages children with songs about animals that invite them to dance, sing, and fully participate. These lively tunes not only create a joyful atmosphere but also empower children to express themselves and discover their unique voices through music. It’s an opportunity for them to engage fully, enjoying the fun and excitement of the songs while fostering their self-expression and musical exploration.


  • Experiencing Native American and African Cultures: Through the incorporation of music, artefacts, instruments, and stories, Little Fox immerses your child in the rich traditions of African and Native American cultures. This first-hand experience leaves a lasting impact, touching the hearts of educators and providing ongoing teaching opportunities long after the drumming session concludes. Stories, music, and movement become avenues for continued exploration and appreciation of cultural diversity.

A drumming session with Little Fox is an extraordinary experience that ignites a child’s imagination, creativity, and self-expression. Through the use of African drums that engage sound and movement, Native American instruments and artefacts featuring empowering songs, Little Fox creates a space where your children can learn, grow, and connect with different cultures. Little Fox Drumming incursions, featuring African and Native American drums not only provide immediate joy and excitement but also leave a lasting impact on a child’s confidence and self-belief. Embrace the thrills of a drumming session with Little Fox and watch as the children’s enthusiasm and love for music soar to new heights.

Join Little Fox, where children develop resourcefulness, curiosity, and imagination and build effective communication, a strong sense of wellbeing, and cultural knowledge and skills. With our support, your children can experience a transformative journey of growth and love for learning through drums, music and culture at Little Fox Drumming.

Frederick playing drumming incursions