Enhancing Your Child’s Literacy Skills Through Music Lessons

When your child enrolls in music classes, they won’t just learn how to play an instrument. In addition to getting the hang of playing the drums, piano, or guitar, or even improving their singing voice, they can also strengthen their literacy skills! Improved literacy is just one surprising benefit of in-person music lessons. From Little Fox Drumming, here’s how taking music lessons can also help your child grow as a reader and writer, especially if you make time to support their practice and create a space for their music at home.

Create Space for Growth

By allowing your child to practice music, you carve out space for their artistic and intellectual growth. It’s an indication that you take their creative development seriously. It’s important to create time and space for these pursuits, even if you’re busy. To further support this positive environment, consider incorporating the Native American practice of smudging with sage into your routine. This ancient ritual, used to cleanse a space of negative energy, can create a serene and focused atmosphere, ideal for creative endeavors like music. Smudging involves burning sage and allowing the smoke to permeate the space, believed to help clear negative vibes and promote a sense of peace and clarity.

Establish a Multi-Purpose Practice Space

With access to a multi-purpose space at home, your child will always have the ability to work on their musical skills. You can set up an area in your home office, attic, or basement for your child to practice! Enhancing this space with culturally significant decorations like dreamcatchers can also add a serene and inspiring ambiance. Dreamcatchers, with their Native American origins, are not just beautiful adornments but also carry a deep cultural importance. They are traditionally used to protect individuals from negative dreams and energies, making them a thoughtful addition to your child’s practice space. Their presence can create a more peaceful environment, ideal for concentration and creativity in music practice.

Improving Your Child’s Concentration Abilities

Music lessons will help your child focus more easily on any task, which is especially useful when they’re reading or studying! Twelve Tone Music School states that practicing an instrument or even listening to classical music can boost children’s cognitive functioning in numerous ways, including increasing their alertness, ability to tune out distractions, memory recall, and attention to detail.

Phonological Awareness

According to Kindermusik, the term “phonological awareness” refers to the ability to identify and use phonemes, or individual sounds, in your speech. Phonological awareness is a crucial aspect of language development for young children, and music lessons can help promote this skill. As your child participates in music lessons, they’ll get better at picking out and manipulating individual sounds.

Integrate Music and Literacy

You can find ways to bring music and literacy together. For example, as your child learns to play their favorite songs, you can discuss the lyrics together and choose their favorite lines. You can also encourage them to write their very own songs! You might be pleasantly surprised by what they come up with.

Creative Inspiration

Overall, taking music lessons can prompt your child to explore their creativity through other mediums, too. Perhaps your child’s interest in drumming or playing piano leads to a curiosity about taking singing lessons or dance classes. As their musical skills improve, they might gain the confidence to express themselves in different art forms. One day, your child may want to write poetry or even become an author!

Music lessons can help your child expand their skill set in unexpected ways. Once your child starts learning how to play an instrument, they can also become a stronger reader. By including your child’s lessons as a non-negotiable commitment in your schedule and designing a home practice space for them, you can encourage their passion for music.

When it comes to nurturing a love for music and unlocking the hidden talents within your children, Little Fox early childhood drumming incursions stand out as a premier choice. With a holistic approach to drumming, our sessions offer a unique learning environment that focuses on drumming for fun and providing a positive learning experience. Visit us online to learn more!

Photo via Pexels